The Changing Look of Medical Scrubs

Years ago doctors, nurses cheap real viagra england and anyone working in the medical field had only one color choice for a uniform: white. The earliest nurses wore a white dress, white cap with a cross or medical insignia and white shoes. This was the standard uniform for nurses while doctors wore white lab coats over their regular clothes.

Medical scrubs have changed over the years to include a variety of styles, colors and prints. Sizes have also been adapted to include X-large, 2X and maternity. Nurses working in pediatric areas can wear colorful cartoon characters like Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob.

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When working shifts in a hospital the scrubs provided are a plain scrub top and drawstring pants in classic blue or green. However, you are free to wear your own scrubs if you like.

The main purpose of wearing medical scrubs is to be easily identifiable as medical staff. Scrubs are now the standard uniform of nurses today. Plus they are much more comfortable than the stiff, old-style uniforms. Soft cotton is breathable and moves with you for maximum comfort.

The modern scrub uniforms are stylish and comfortable while keeping a modest price. Scrubs are also very easy to keep clean which makes them an excellent choice for a uniform. Just throw them in the washer and dry as usual. Good quality scrubs will not fade or look ragged from washing.

Nurses in the stiff white uniforms had an air of unapproachability, while nurses with the new scrub uniforms appear cheerful, friendly and inspire patients and visitors to ask questions and engage in conversation. The new uniforms offer a new look at medical staff as being there to help and office valuable advice and assistance.

In times where people avoid going to the hospital due to all the negative opinions, a positive outlook is very welcome.

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