Nursing Uniforms: Not Just For The Hospital Any More

When people think of nursing uniforms, even today, they picture women in the short white dresses with the little cap perched atop their head. While this iconic image may bring a smile to your face, there have been huge advancements in scrubs uniforms and medical wear since even 30 years ago. Today’s nursing uniforms are comfortable enough to be worn purchase cheapest viagra around the house, and in some cases fashionable enough to be worn out!

Nursing Uniforms Out Of The Operating Room

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Today’s nursing uniforms are a far cry from the one size fits all dresses of the past, or even the boxy scrub top and drawstring pants of 15 years ago! The scrubs many medical professionals are wearing today are fashion forward, with detailing that is normally seen on street clothes. Fold down waists, flared legs, and piping-trimmed crossover necklines are popping up on new styles of nursing uniforms from manufacturers such as Cherokee¬†scrubs, letting medical professionals feel stylish even while on the clock.

Around The House

As nursing uniforms are designed to be worn for long periods of time, they are usually designed with comfort in mind. Because of this, many people are buying extra scrubs to wear at home. The soft fabric is less binding than many other choices of lounge wear, drawstring or elasticized waistbands make moving and stretching easier, and the pockets on the tops, so perfect for holding pens, tape, and stethoscopes at the office, can convert quickly to help out in the shop, the kitchen, or anywhere else you need a third hand.

Out And About

While most people wouldn’t consider wearing nursing uniforms to dinner or the theater, scrubs can be worn to some outside the home activities. The stylish tops will blend in at the grocery store, as will the darker colored pants, with fashion forward details such as flared legs and stretch fabric. In addition, many brands are now making scrubs uniforms pants in the style of yoga and workout pants, with fold down waists, making them perfect to wear while walking or for your trip to the gym.

Just because you are off the clock doesn’t mean you have to leave the comfort of your nursing uniforms behind. Finding scrubs that look great wherever you go can not only keep you comfortable, they can also expand your wardrobe!

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